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In order for foreigners to live in Japan, you need to obtain the most appropriate status of residence (visa) for your activities in Japan.

Since each visa has different requirements and the range of activities allowed, it is necessary to first decide which type of visa is most suitable for your activities, and then prepare the necessary documents and apply for it. However, it is very difficult for a foreigner who is not familiar with the situation in Japan and does not speak Japanese to handle such a complicated application by yourself.

We, Immigration Lawyer, can help you with your application, so that you don't have to bother with complicated procedures and are exempted from appearing before the Immigration Bureau. We offer the best solutions and professional services to you.

●Japan Visa & Immigration process

●Business License


●Inheritance procedures

We specialize in foreigner visa application procedures in Tokyo Japan. Please feel free to leave this to us.

We support both Chinese and English, so please don't worry if you are not good at Japanese.We would like to have the opportunity to learn about your needs. 

Initial consultations are free of charge (in person or by phone / LINE). 

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